// Torque

Fully Serviced Work-Shop Area. (Ambient Temperature)
Only Facility To Date To Offer High Torque Non-Marking Dies.
17” Fully Rotational Toque Units With The Provision Of Graphs.

(This Machine Is Programmed For One Operation Premium Connections – Tenaris / VAM)

24” Quarter Turn Torque Unit With Push / Pull – Installs.
Digital Test Bay – 80Ft.
MPI / LPI / UT Inspection Unit.
Disassembly, Clean, Inspect, Repair, Assemble And Test Various Running Tools.
Test And Flushing H.P.U. – Assemblies And Associated Tooling.
Uniconn External Pressure Testing Of Kelly Valves.
Various Blasting Mediums.
Phosphate And Other Coatings Available.