OEM’s ATEX-approved hydraulic start systems provide guaranteed reliability, no matter how challenging or unpredictable the environment. This truly independent start method can be specified as the only starting system or as a back up to electric or air starting.

Multi-environment ATEX approval

OEM’s M22 and M28 starters are unique in being ATEX-approved for use in both gas and mining environments. It is safe for use in explosive and potentially explosive applications.

Marine approval

OEM’s starting systems can be class approved to numerous marine certification standards. This is done on a case by case basis according to customer specifications.

Flexible for any engine configuration

The M28 can be oriented to suit almost any engine configuration. The flange of the standard model can be rotated to suit the engine and ancillary equipment. In special circumstances, a custom flange can be installed for particularly difficult configurations.

Simple maintenance

The M28 is a low maintenance start system that’s well-suited to use in both sub-zero and high temperature environments. It requires virtually no attention other than replacing the filter element and periodically checking the gas pre-charge and system pressure.

The M28 is designed as a modular system. Spacers and pinions are common to IPU’s air starter ranges as are the flanges which mount to the engine. This helps remote and offshore sites simplify stock-holding and improve interchange ability.

Simple installation

The M28 can be supplied in a number of flexible ways.

  1. Starter motor: operators can purchase a simple starter motor with the fittings appropriate to a specific engine.
  2. Mini-pack: operators can purchase a mini-pack which incorporates the starter motor, accumulator, hand pump, foot valve, hoses and fittings in a self-contained ‘bolt-on’ unit.
  3. Custom package: IPU’s custom packages make the starting system an integrated part of the engine it serves. By designing a custom package that suits a specific installation, IPU helps customers create compact and effective power systems.

Cast iron casing

ATEX regulations strongly discourage the use of aluminium in mining and other explosive situations because of the risk that it will feed a thermite reaction. For this reason, the M28’s casing is made from cast iron.

The same cannot be said of other starters. Despite ATEX recommendations, numerous aluminium-cased starters are sold into mining environments. This falls short of the standards promoted by the ATEX regulations and is inherently dangerous.

Pre-engaged hydraulic starters

To avoid the possibility of sparks being thrown off when the starter’s pinion engages with the engine’s ring gear, the ATEX-approved version of the M28 is ‘pre-engaged’. A pre-engaged hydraulic starter waits until the starter motor’s pinion has engaged with the engine’s ring-gear before spinning the pinion at high speed.

Non-spark pinions

The M28 is available with beryllium-copper pinions to further reduce the risk of sparks when the pinion engages with the ring-gear. This is an optional extra safety precaution over and above the safety offered by a pre-engaged system.


  Weight (typical)

  12 kg


  Cast iron

  Maximum working pressure

  21 MPa (3000 PSI)

  Fluid media

  Mineral oil

  Viscosity range

  ISO 32 to 46 (SUS 140-230)

  Temperature range

  -30°C to +100°C (-22°F to +212°F)

  Speed range

  0-4000 rpm


  Standard: Clockwise (Optional: Counter-Clockwise)

  Duty cycle


  Overall volumetric efficiency

  92% (Minimum)


  28 cc (1.71 cu.in.)

  Maximum torque at 210 Mpa (1500 psi)

  84 Nm (62 lbf.ft.)

  Maximum power at 3500 rpm

  31 kW (41 HP)