Extremely rugged and proven spring drive that is durable in harsh or dirty conditions. A cost effective, hard wearing starter motor for difficult applications.

Shorter than its pre-engaged counterpart, Jetstream 4 inertia starter motors can be fitted to smaller engines where space is a major consideration.

To reduce the space envelope even more, if starter orientation isn’t an option, a remote relay valve can be used rather than the starters integrated relay valve.

  • Will start engines up to 12 litres
  • Can be ordered with integrated relay valve, exhaust adapters or mufflers giving reduced fitting time.
  • Heavy duty spring drive proven in hydraulic starters over 30 years
  • Available in 3 pressure options:
  • Low pressure – for operation down to 3 bar inlet pressure
  • Medium pressure – for operation up to 10 bar inlet pressure
  • High pressure – for operation up to 30 bar inlet pressure
  • Exhaust options: simple guard, straight or 90° threaded adapters to suit piping or mufflers

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