JETSTREAM 4 & 5 PRE-ENGAGED | OEM Diesel Products


Eliminate the possibility of sparks making them ideal for applications with potentially explosive atmospheres. ATEX Approved.

The pre-engaged air starter eliminates the possibility of sparks making it ideal for environments involving explosive atmospheres and is fully ATEX compliant. On starting the engine, the starter pinion engages in the ring gear and only when the pinion is in its totally forward position will the air starter motor begin to crank the diesel engine.

  • Suitable for ATEX requirements (EN1834-1)
  • Will start engines up to 12 litres (Jetstream 4) and 80 litres (Jetstream 5)
  • Can be ordered with integrated relay valve, exhaust adapters or mufflers giving reduced fitting time.
  • Available in 3 pressure options:
  • Low pressure – for operation down to 3 bar inlet pressure
  • Medium pressure – for operation up to 10 bar inlet pressure
  • High pressure – for operation up to 30 bar inlet pressure
  • Exhaust options: simple guard, straight or 90° threaded adapters to suit piping or mufflers
  • Available with beryllium copper non spark pinion

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