It comes as a surprise to many that diesel even needs maintenance. 64% of our customers think their fuel is fine – the first they know about a problem is when their generators splutter and die.

Our data shows that over 95% of tanks are contaminated.

This leaves the safety and continuity of critical services in a precarious position because backup power systems are threatened by dirty fuel. Whether you manage a data centre, hospital or bank, the first you might know about fuel problems could be when your backup power fails and critical applications cease to function.

The first step to protecting yourself against dirty diesel is to get your fuel tested. 

OEM Group offers a comprehensive Diesel Fuel Testing Service that gives you accurate and reliable analysis of what’s in your tank. After all you can’t fix what you don’t see.

Using state of the art equipment and globally recognized methods, the OEM Diesel Fuel Testing Service can examine:

We will then provide you with a comprehensive report and explain what we found. If contamination is detected then we will recommend a course of action that will return your fuel to a clean dry condition.

Training for self-testing

Not only can OEM Group support you with regularly testing, we can also train your maintenance staff to conduct your own tests according to your own schedule. 

OEM Diesel Fuel Testing Kit provides comprehensive tools to analyse all types of diesel contamination: solid, water and microbial.