OEM Group Link up with RIGSAVER

OEM Group has agreed a co-working agreement with RigSaver to implement an inspection and upgrade or replace programme on their safety critical “legacy” 11” SGE RigSaver valve.

This engagement allows the two businesses to work in conjunction to effectively communicate the need for and reasoning behind the programme to Drilling Contractors, Oil and Gas Operators and additional relevant end users.

Utilising OEM Group’s existing global customer base within the Oil and Gas, Offshore Drilling and Marine markets allows a direct route to market and the ability to convey the safety critical message to RigSaver end users around the world.

Through joint meetings and implementation of the programme, we have successfully upgrade numerous customer assets with the new design/upgraded valve and ensured the safe operation of their diesel driven systems going forward.


RigSaver Diesel Engine Safety System – Protect Your Diesel Engines and Offshore Assets

The Rigsaver® air shut-off valve is mounted in an engine’s air intake system to stop the airflow from entering the cylinders and positively immobilize the engine, safeguarding personnel, equipment and preventing
an engine runaway/overspeed scenario.

As an authorised supplier of RigSaver valves OEM Group have been working very closely with RigSaver on an upgrade and replacement program for the “legacy” 11SGE valve to ensure engines and assets are fully protected against an engine runaway/overspeed scenario. The “legacy” valve has been observed to not fully activate when needed. This has been attributed to years of on application vibration and no maintenance schedule being in place for the “legacy” SGE valve.

Rigsaver has recently released the upgraded Next Generation design of the 11SGE Valve. Based on numerous hours of testing, it became clear that a redesign was required to provide customers with optimal valve performance and to ensure maximum operating safety of the diesel driven system.

Please see the attached bullet-in for information on the current situation and recommendations for replacing and maintaining your safety critical RigSaver valves.

The upgrade and maintenance schedule has received backing from and is being supported by a variety of key industry safety bodies including HSE, DNV and NPSA.
To discuss your upgrade and install options please contact sales@oemgs.com